Our Healthy Go-To Costco Staples

One of our defining characteristics is our love- nay, PASSION- for Costco.  What do you get when you combine free samples, ever-changing bulk goods, and wholesale pricing? Perfection. Costco is one of our favorite places for grocery shopping (and honestly, sometimes just killing time while enjoying a well priced churro) so it only felt right that we make some healthy food recommendations for our readers. Despite not having family members to feed at this point in our lives, bulk grocery shopping still makes sense for us. We can effectively save money, stock up on our favorite food items, and get everything we need in one sweep without running to the grocery store all the time. Brace yourself: here are our top 20 healthy picks!


  1. With only 39 calories a cup, this is the perfect on-the-go snack that is equal parts filling and delicious. Peep the Gluten Free, Organic and Non GMO labels, too. It is almost a sin to not buy this. 2
  2. Someone once said, “With bacon, all things are possible.” Costco upped the ante and brought us this delicious turkey bacon for a healthier, lower fat option. We love having a couple pieces for breakfast. 3
  3. Meat. Roll. Ups. These meat and cheese roll ups are another perfect snack or easy lunch option. They are the perfect blend of protein and healthy fats. 4
  4. These oats are an easy, microwavable breakfast option ready in less than five minutes. We recommend using these for overnight oats topped with fruit or nuts, pancakes or waffles, cookies, and even throwing them in a smoothie.5
  5. There is nothing quiet as comforting a hearty bowl of pasta, but this amazing chickpea pasta is a carb-conscious option that still tastes delicious while hitting the spot when you need a comfort meal. 6
  6. Powdered peanut butter may not have the creamy perfection as the real stuff, but if you want a lower fat option while still making sure your blood peanut butter level is still at least .08%, this GF, high protein powdered option is a great go-to. We use this stuff almost daily, and it blends beautifully with a protein shake. 7
  7. BITCHIN’, indeed! The name does it justice, as this sauce works on pretty much anything. It has a great consistency, a hummus-like texture despite being made from almonds. It is quite spicy, but we think you can handle it since it is so delicious. 8
  8. Pro-Tip: Dip your Whisp directly into the Bitchin’ sauce listed above– trust us! While everyone else is living in 2018 with their pita chip and hummus combo, you will be far ahead of the rest with a Parmesan Cheese Whisp and almond dip hybrid. These are 100% aged parmesan, and are a great potato chip alternative. 9
  9. Truthfully, we eat this granola straight out of the bag with our hands like animals. It is a GF, paleo friendly, grain free granola that is perfectly toasted and packs a satisfying crunch. We actually do not buy this often because we lack self-control and finish it in about 36 hours, but strongly recommend it for you all. 10
  10. We cannot get enough of these drinks. As a life hack, if you are still hungry after a meal, try drinking one of these zero sugar, refreshing carbonated beauties. We love all 3 flavors that come in this package and they trick you into feeling full, so you avoid snacking. 12
  11. This is our go-to baking flour when making a gluten-free creation. GF flours can be tricky, as consistency can be an issue. However, this one is a great blend for things like loaves, crusts, and cookies. 11
  12. We are breakfast people, plain and simple. While we do not often splurge with a stack of pancakes, you can bet your bottom dollar that when we do treat ourselves to some, this is the mix we use. We recommend throwing some fresh blueberries into this gluten and dairy free mix, and topping them off with a big glob of powdered peanut butter. 13
  13. Speaking of blueberries… these are a weekly purchase for us! Costco’s fresh fruit selection is so well priced, and since berries are a low glycemic index fruit, these are a staple in our fridge every week. 14
  14. Convenience is a big deal for us since we seem to have so much going on each day. This chunky spread comes in 3 individual trays, so that you do not have to waste any after opening, since avocados perish so quickly. Not that we would ever dare waste something so delicious… It is made from 100% avocado, so you can feel comfortable knowing you are not putting artificial ingredients in your body. 15
  15. We swear by this protein. As a [mostly] lactose free duo, we like to look for protein powder options other than whey protein, which is dairy based. This one does not hurt our stomachs, and honestly tastes unreal. We recommend the vanilla bean option, as we did not find the chocolate to be as tasty. This protein powder is an easy way to up your protein intake in a clean, delicious way. Despite being a plant based powder, it is not chalky whatsoever, and blends beautifully. 16
  16. Another go-to protein snack we seem to buy at least once a month! We throw these in our purses for an on the go snack. While the chocolate deluxe flavor is not our favorite, we put up with them as the other two flavors – chocolate peanut butter and chewy chocolate chip – are incredible for a protein bar. They are also extremely low sugar and GF, so we have these in our food rotation almost daily. 17
  17. This rice and quinoa blend is lazy girl’s meal prep best buddy. The seasoning is light, without being too salty. Since we usually prep a protein and at least one vegetable per meal, it is really convenient having the carbohydrate element of our prep in a microwavable form. 18
  18. If powdered peanut butter is not your thing, this two pack of peanut butter is another great option. While higher in fat, it is made from 100% peanuts. Have you ever looked at the ingredients label on a jar of Skippy PB?! Do yourself a favor and Google it, give yourself an appropriate 2 to 3 minutes of repulsion freak out, and then throw this in your cart next time you are in a Costco instead. 19
  19. While these are not a dairy free option, these are a freezer staple for us. They are delicious and far lower in fat than most sausages, as they are made from chicken. We love dicing one up and mixing it into an omelette. It is a two-pack, so you can make these last for a long while in your fridge or freezer. 20
  20. Ending our culinary Costco excursion with another love of ours– almond butter. While is it comparable to peanut butter in calories and protein, it is slightly higher in vitamins and fiber. We personally enjoy the taste of almond butter, and it is often times pretty pricey in a grocery store. This one is well priced, delicious and has perfect consistency.


We hope you enjoyed our Costco favorites as much as we love Costco itself. We honestly go at least once a week, and are always on the look out for new healthy items and snacks!

Let us know if you have tried any of these items, or what you think of them when you pick them up! We would love to hear about your Costco favorites and go-to’s, too!


Amanda and Christina

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