A Healthy Perspective: Pets

We do not have families of our own quite yet, but we do have babies: fur babies. Amanda has a cat and Christina has a dog, and we firmly count these little babies as our first born. That isn’t weird at all, we know. We wanted to offer our readers some healthy hints for their fur babies too, since they are an extension of us! We are not experts on pets, but here are a few things we do to ensure our pets stay healthy. As a note, all pets are different, with different ages, personalities, lifestyle needs, breed type, and preferences, so what works for our may not work for yours. We think taking time to test what works for your pet is extremely valuable to ensure they have a long, healthy life with you.

Our Healthy Hints for Cats

  1. Living in Arizona means that it can be extremely hot, and while my cat is an indoor cat, I still clean her water bowl every other day, while giving her fresh water every evening. Fresh water is so important for her. I clean her bowl every other day as there tends to be a ‘slimy’ layer that builds up as well, and I do not want her ingesting anything that could make her sick.
  2. I try to keep my cat active each day as well. She follows me from room to room (she is a little needy!) so I always try and give her a little walk with me. I have quite a few toys, although she mainly loves boxes and the tie to my robe, and we play together with all of these to keep her active.
  3. My cat is older, so I moisten her dry food with water so that she can digest it easier. I have consistently fed her the same food through her senior years, since her stomach is very sensitive, and she refuses to eat canned food.
  4. My cat sheds a lot and since she cleans herself, this can lead to her throwing up hairballs. I try to brush her at least every 2 or 3 days to grab the hair from her and keep her coat shiny. It is a win-win for me, because this means that there is not cat hair on my furniture or clothes all the time.


Our Healthy Hints for Dogs

  1. People food can be okay for dogs, too! I will steam broccoli and chicken with a bit of brown rice and “meal prep” my dog’s food for the week. Since she is a smaller poodle breed, she does not eat as much as a larger dog might. Does this mean that my dog eats better than me some weeks? Yes. Is it worth it because I am obsessed with her? Yes.
  2. My dog’s teeth are something I have to actively take care of as well. Because she is older, her teeth have gotten weaker. I give her treats to help with her dental care in the form of a little chewable. I also brush her teeth about once a week to help keep them strong and clean.
  3. I exercise my dog every day. Since I place such a large priority for exercise for myself, I try to do the same for my dog. I talk to on walks, play tug-o-war or simple walk around the yard with her.
  4. Another thing I always try and be conscious of is what my dog is getting into in the yard or on walks, and even in the house. I keep all of my snacks on higher shelves so she cannot reach them, and always watch her closely when we are outside in case she tries to eat something she is not supposed to be eating.


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Of course, there are many mores, including the obvious ones: spay and neuter your pets, make sure they have all of their shots, take them to the vet regularly, and love on them often! Do you have any healthy hints you would like to share about your pet? We would love to hear from you!


Amanda and Christina

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