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Why is gift giving so stressful in our adult years? It feels impossible to shop for friends and family, knowing they can buy what they want, and it can be slightly overwhelming trying to figure out every item outside of the go-to gift Target or Nordstrom card. We are not knocking that and will go the gift card route too, but wanted to spark a little inspiration. We rounded up a few of our favorite ideas to make gift shopping a little easier this year, and tried to tie them all to mental or physical health in some way. Consider this list itself good for your mental health by taking away a little stress… We had to tie this post back to health somehow, obviously. 


  1. Kitchen Aid Mixer: $379.99 MSRP. This splurge gift made the top of our list since it is a product we use almost daily. The hands free mixing tool allows for us to multitask, and nothing makes our hearts warmer. As a bonus, we are seeing this pop up on sale all over the internet! 81Oo9NtpJPL._SX466_
  2. Silpat Cookie Mat: $26.95 MSRP. This mat allows us to bake the perfect cookie every time, and is a must-own for anyone who loves to bake.Elastic-Resistance-Bands-Workout-Rubber-Loops-Latex-Booty-Mini-Workout-Band-Fitness-Gym-Strength-Training-Crossfit.jpg_640x640
  3. Workout Bands: roughly $19-30 MSRP, depending on the brand. Truthfully, any ol’ brand will do. We have used many different brands, and so long as they are durable and don’t slip (which we have found most of them hold this to be true) they will work well.99384147314214p
  4. Essential Oils: $6.99 MSRP. We are anxious people, and one thing we enjoy doing is defusing oils to help us unwind. Our favorite aromas are lavender and eucalyptus. Pairing one of these with an oil diffuser makes for a perfect mental health jackpot. 41uAVbPqPjL
  5. Game: roughly $19-30 MSRP. Consider giving a family member a game for Christmas! It brings everyone together, and allows for new memories. We recommend Exploding Kittens or Scrabble– our two favorites. 51jkG-DeyeL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_
  6. Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck: $12.99 MSRP. This book was one of our favorites in 2018. The message is clear, powerful, and easy to digest. For a reader on your Christmas list, this book is sure to make a great gift, although we do not recommend it for a conservative audience. 51T5mJBT1ZL._SX466_
  7. Thermoflask Water Bottle: $28.75 for two MSRP. This water bottle is the cousin to the popular Hydroflask, with a lesser price tag. We love the two pack since you get one for home and one for the gym, work, car, your purse, or anywhere else your little heart desires.LW5AYNS_027985_3
  8.  Lululemon Align Leggings: $98 MSRP. These leggings are a splurge but worth every penny. They wear like iron and are a booty booster for your fitness obsessed pal. They are the most comfortable things you could slide yourself into, we promise.cn13884671
  9. Compression Old Navy Leggings: $39.99 MSRP. HELLO WALLET, we see you. We know that dropping one hundred dollars on leggings may not be an option, so enter these beauties. These are the ultimate bang for your buck legging. It took all of my self control to not write bang for your butt instead, because your recipient’s butt will look bangin’. applewatchseries4
  10. Apple Watch Series 4: $399.99 MSRP. While this gift is more pricey, it is worth the splurge. This only makes for a logical gift for an Apple user, but consider a FitBit instead if the recipient does not have an iPhone.
  11. Massage / Facial gift certificate: This is a great gift for a mom, sister, brother, or any living breathing person, because everyone loves to be pampered. Annual Front copy
  12. America the Beautiful Parks Pass: $80 MSRP. This pass allows you access into most national parks. It comes with the pass and car tag, and makes a great gift for someone looking for a more adventurous year! IMG_17451
  13. Whats Gaby Cooking Cookbook: $29.99 MSRP. This is our favorite cookbook, by our favorite chef. We are giving this cookbook as a gift this year to friends, and we love the amazing recipe inspiration and photography within the book. 8361588_fpx
  14. Nespresso Vertuo Machine: $199 MSRP. This is the perfect gift for a coffee lover. We love how easy to use it is, and use this almost daily. serum1
  15. Mario Badescui Vitamin C Serum: $45 MSRP. This serum is an anti-aging il that fights free radicals while evening out the texture of the skin. We swear by this little bottle.

Good luck with your Christmas shopping this year, and we hope you enjoyed this list of our ideas!


Amanda and Christina

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