A Healthy Perspective: So You Want a Colonic…

Well, friends, things are about to get intimate. Have you ever wondered what is it like getting a colonic? It is your lucky day– read on for some personal, personal answers to that question. As a disclaimer, this is based on my personal experience only, but I wanted to share my experience in case anyone has been curious about this process or wants to try something to alleviate digestive discomfort.

After spending $1,400 on medical tests and doctors visits this summer only to receive zero answers or insight, I was desperate. I have not always had stomach issues. In fact, given my poor dietary habits in college, it is a miracle I was able to get by all those years without extreme pain. However, I have recently had extreme pain and bloating, and despite my best elimination efforts, I was unable to determine what was causing my issues. I sought out a doctor and spent hundreds of dollars on different blood and stool tests, was put on an antibiotic and underwent extreme anxiety only to be told that everything looked negative and I would instead need a colonoscopy. My doctor also told me at the time that she would not submit a request for a food sensitivity panel until I completed all of the other testing so that I would not have to have so much blood drawn. As a sidebar, I personally think that is a great place to start for anyone with stomach issues.

During a really pathetic and dramatic pity party I threw over my issues, my aunt recommend I try a colonic. The woman who did the colonic spent all most two full hours with me (compared to 3 ten minute visits with an MD). She answered all of my questions– yes all 8,000 of them– and was very gentle, relaxed and knowledgeable. She started our time with a 60 minute educational journey, explaining our digestive tract, what the digestive process looks like and how things get from point A (the mouth) to point B (our sweet, sweet behinds). Then she explained what the actual ‘procedure’ would be, what it would feel like, and what I could expect as a result from it, which was about 15 minutes. From there, I underwent the actual process which took about 25 minutes, since I could not make it to the full half hour mark that she suggested. One she finished this, I headed into the bathroom to release everything.

The process itself was not exactly pleasant. You are getting a tube shoved into your butt, after all. The two was connected to two different hoses. The first was to push water of different temperatures inside your colon and the second hose was to suck things out, like a vacuum. She massaged my stomach during periods of rest which helped dislodge and loosen up some of the stored waste, allowing it to move out of me. The hose was hooked up to a piece of medical equipment with a large, see-through tube, which allowed me to actually see everything that was getting pulled out of my system. It was equal parts repulsive and fascinating. It felt uncomfortable, almost like having to see a gynecologist, because it is a private area so you feel a bit tense. The process itself was not painful, but did give me some cramping.

One of biggest takeaways was that I have almost triple the amount of gas pressure in my body that most people have, or I did going into the appointment. On the machine that the hose is connected to, there is a valve that reads the gas pressure inside of your colon. Mine was in the ‘red zone’ whereas most people fall in the blue or green zones This is about 85% versus 30%. It was extremely interesting, and she actual spent most of the time sucking built us gas bubbles out of my colon. She said that some of these bubbles have been there for years and were unable to work themselves out of my body on their own, and I could literally see them coming out of me through the clear tube. My other takeaway was that I need to stop chewing gum immediately. I am not exaggerating when I saw I chew gum from about 8 am to 8 pm every single day. She explained that our bodies only produce a certain amount of digestive enzymes a day, and by chewing gum, our bodies get tricked into produce this enzyme. If I use this all up just chewing gum there is not enough left to digest my actual food, which she thinks is a big factor in my stomach pains.

Truthfully, after getting the colonic, I feel so much better. I believe that whatever was inside of me causing issues was sucked out effectively, especially if there had been a build up. My bloating has drastically decreased and my pain has gone away, almost overnight. Now, this does not mean I can go back to my old ways. For example, I am lactose intolerant and am being much more strict about this. I take digestive enzymes daily to support digestion, stopped chewing gum, cut back on coffee and bumped my water intake. I also plan on having one more colonic in a few weeks just to ensure everything has been cleared out after taking my food sensitivity test.

Here are a few tips for anyone considering a colonic:

  1. RELAX. This is not only going to make the process less painful and embarrassing, but will allow you to focus on everything that you are learning. It will help clear your mind so you can ask informed questions and absorb what you are learning.
  2. Educate yourself. Do research, talk to friends and family that have had one, and talk to other health professionals if you are able. The more you know, the more you will be able to determine if this is going to be a helpful process for your issues.
  3. Be prepared to discuss your habits. We discussed everything from what I eat and drink in a day to how much gum I chew to what my stress levels are in order to try and pinpoint what was causing my issues. The more prepared you are with answers, the more help you will be able to receive based on the accurate information you provide about yourself.
  4. Find what works for you! Just because this worked for me does not mean it is the right solution for you.

We hope this was helpful as you consider your options for better digestive help! Please feel encouraged to ask any questions in the comments below. If you are a Phoenix local, I will also give you the name of the woman I saw if you are interested.


Amanda and Christina

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