Go To Snacks: Protein Bar Edition

We are coming at you this week with a Protein Bar review! Yay for snacks! We eat a protein bar literally every day of our lives, and consider ourselves to be pretty much experts when it comes to them. Below is our honest review of different bars, and the bars we enjoy most! There are three things we look for when choosing a bar: low sugar, high protein, and quality ingredients. We have not been paid for any of these reviews, and this post truly reflects our thoughts on each of these products.

  • Raw Rev Glo Bars: 11/10. Seriously. Hands down our favorite bar. The texture is incredible, and is like a firm peanut butter consistency. The nutritional make up of these bars is next level, too. For example, the Creamy Peanut Butter and Sea Salt is filled with fiber (14 grams) and protein (15 grams), yet does not have a high amount of sugar, boasting only 2 grams per bar. They are also a vegan protein bar, which we have found to be a hard to find item. We want to shout our love of these bars from the rooftops, because we are dramatic people.


  • Robert Irvine’s Fit Crunch Bars: 10/10. These bars honestly taste like a candy bar, and we jokingly call them healthy Take 5 Bars. They are a whey protein base and may not sit well if you have a dairy problem, but other than that detail, these babies are perfection. (Is it sad we have to trick ourselves into thinking a protein bar is a treat?)


  • NuGo Egg White Bars: 9/10. If you like RX bars, you will love these bars. We like them because while they have the RX texture, they are much softer and easier to chew. Our favorite flavor is blueberry. As an added bonus, they gave us a coupon code HINT for 15% off NuGo Slim and Egg White bars, valid through 5/31/2019 at nugonutrition.com. Financial responsibility and protein, what a combination.


  • Pure Protein Bars: 4/10 to 9/10. This is a mixed rating because not all flavors are created equal. The Peanut Butter flavor is by far our favorite, which is no surprise, earning a 9/10. The Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Peanut Butter Caramel are far inferior, each earning a 4/10. The “filled” bars, like the caramel one, are all so hard to chew. The Cookie Dough flavor is pretty decent, and we would give it a 6.5/10. If you are a fruit lover, the Strawberry Greek Yogurt bar is excellent, and deserves an 8/10. This is a nice change up since most of the bars we eat are chocolate based, and throwing in a new flavor occasionally is a nice change.


  • Epic Bars: 1/10. We love beef jerky and meat in general, and assumed we would enjoy these as well. How wrong we were. We tried both the cranberry turkey and the sriracha chicken hoping it was a fluke with the first tasting, and they were honestly just bad. They had a terrible texture in addition to a wonky flavor. No amount of sriracha could have saved these bars, and while they are lower in calories than other bars, they are not worth the money. In our opinion, there is nothing epic about these. Below, we tried to capture these bars with a slightly fancier background to make up for the terrible taste they have to offer. It still didn’t help.


Do you have any favorite protein bars? Please let us know in the comments below, as we are always on the hunt for new protein packed snacks!


Amanda and Christina

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