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Go To Snacks: Protein Bar Edition

We are coming at you this week with a Protein Bar review! Yay for snacks! We eat a protein bar literally every day of our lives, and consider ourselves to be pretty much experts when it comes to them. Below is our honest review of different bars, and the bars we enjoy most! There are three things we look for when choosing a bar: low sugar, high protein, and quality ingredients. We have not been paid for any of these reviews, and this post truly reflects our thoughts on each of these products. Continue reading

A Healthy Perspective: So You Want a Colonic…

Well, friends, things are about to get intimate. Have you ever wondered what is it like getting a colonic? It is your lucky day– read on for some personal, personal answers to that question. As a disclaimer, this is based on my personal experience only, but I wanted to share my experience in case anyone has been curious about this process or wants to try something to alleviate digestive discomfort.

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A Healthy Hint’s Gift Guide

Why is gift giving so stressful in our adult years? It feels impossible to shop for friends and family, knowing they can buy what they want, and it can be slightly overwhelming trying to figure out every item outside of the go-to gift Target or Nordstrom card. We are not knocking that and will go the gift card route too, but wanted to spark a little inspiration. We rounded up a few of our favorite ideas to make gift shopping a little easier this year, and tried to tie them all to mental or physical health in some way. Consider this list itself good for your mental health by taking away a little stress… We had to tie this post back to health somehow, obviously.  Continue reading

Sugar, Spice, and All Things Sweet

There comes a special day once a year when the inside of all our mouths suggests we made out with Willy Wonka. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays for many reasons, but the glaringly obvious one is the inevitable access to sugar everywhere you go. There is something so wonderful about double-fisting candy corn while chugging a PSL and rounding the binge out with chocolate you stole from your 12-year-old brother’s Trick or Treating pillowcase stash. Did you know there are 50 grams of sugar in grande Pumpkin Spice Latte? 

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A Healthy Perspective: Pets

We do not have families of our own quite yet, but we do have babies: fur babies. Amanda has a cat and Christina has a dog, and we firmly count these little babies as our first born. That isn’t weird at all, we know. We wanted to offer our readers some healthy hints for their fur babies too, since they are an extension of us! We are not experts on pets, but here are a few things we do to ensure our pets stay healthy. As a note, all pets are different, with different ages, personalities, lifestyle needs, breed type, and preferences, so what works for our may not work for yours. We think taking time to test what works for your pet is extremely valuable to ensure they have a long, healthy life with you.

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A Healthy Perspective: Yoga

One thing that is so imperative to our holistic health and wellness journey is considering our mental health in addition to our physical health. We love that we live in a time that preaches a mindset of mindfulness, gratitude and investing in yourself. Healthy eating and physical fitness are both so important to us, but we also recognize that your mental health is just as important. We wanted to share a few thoughts on Yoga, something we have both found a strong love for and how it has made a difference to our mental health.

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Our Healthy Go-To Costco Staples

One of our defining characteristics is our love- nay, PASSION- for Costco.  What do you get when you combine free samples, ever-changing bulk goods, and wholesale pricing? Perfection. Costco is one of our favorite places for grocery shopping (and honestly, sometimes just killing time while enjoying a well priced churro) so it only felt right that we make some healthy food recommendations for our readers. Despite not having family members to feed at this point in our lives, bulk grocery shopping still makes sense for us. We can effectively save money, stock up on our favorite food items, and get everything we need in one sweep without running to the grocery store all the time. Brace yourself: here are our top 20 healthy picks! Continue reading

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