Skinny Paloma

While it may feel like the 402nd day of May already, it is actually a day very near and dear to our hearts: Cinco de Mayo! This Skinny Paloma is the perfect drink to make at home and pretend you are celebrating at a bar, with friends, or on a beach. Maybe a beach bar with friends? Our dreams are so simple this day…. Just like this drink! It is easy, delicious and refreshing!

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Skinny Citrus Margarita

Happy Hour starts NOW! No matter the day. That is basically the theme of Quarantine, right? We definitely are missing the days of meeting girl friends at the bar for drinks and socializing, and we REALLY miss margaritas. We think a good marg is the official drink of Arizona, and the official drink of spring. Although, to be honest, we enjoy a good margarita any time of year. This Skinny Citrus Margarita is the first alcoholic recipe we have created and are SO EXCITED to share this one with you!

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Healthy Hot Chocolate

One thing that just feels like Christmas in a cup is hot coco. There is something incredibly comforting and nostalgic about it, and we can’t get enough this time of year. We thought we would try a recipe that allows us to have more than just one cup of this creamy drink by cutting back on the sugar and fat that the Starbucks version has, or the Swiss Miss instant pack. One thing that was mildly disturbing as we researched this blog post was seeing that Starbucks has their hot chocolate under the “Kids Drinks” section. This is not a Starbucks bash, and we are the first to admit we go almost daily, but consider rethinking giving your child 43 grams of sugar in a grande cup of coco while you’re making your next coffee run. Or just simply make the kids this recipe instead. Yes– let’s go with that option.

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Chai Tea Latte

We are bringing you all the fall flavors we can possibly muster this month! One thing we both can never seem to give up is our daily coffee runs. We don’t have a problem spending $5 a day on a coffee, but we do have a problem with what goes into that cup. Did you know that a Starbucks Venti Chai Tea Latte has 53 grams of sugar?! Keep in mind that this is more than double the daily recommended sugar intake for a woman in a single (yet delicious) beverage.

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Collagen Coffee Protein Shake

Full disclosure: while we have been buying collagen for months, we have been slacking on our daily intake. We knew about the collagen crave from Instagram and social media initially, with the Vital Proteins brand littering our favorite blog sites and blowing up our targeted ads. Personally, we did not see a dramatic difference over time to justify the high price tag of the peptides and have been sprinkling them into our daily smoothies far less frequently. However, that does not mean that you will not notice a difference, and there are many great perks to note from this flavorless, powder mix-in.

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