Meet Amanda

AF WHITEHello, hungry pals. I’m Amanda, and I am one half of A Healthy Hint.  I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona in a family that had dinners around the table together every single night. My mom always had a home cooked meal for us, and it was usually a relatively clean meal, despite how picky my younger brothers were.

Most of my high school and college eating habits consisted solely of sugar, coffee, more sugar, and to round it all off- sugar. I was always on the go with sports, school and work, so my diet was not something I ever thought twice about because it was strictly about convenience for me. I was extremely thin, had zero muscle, bruised like crazy, and also had 6 oral surgeries in a single year due to dental issues from my poor eating habits. I knew I was unhealthy, I felt terrible all the time, and decided I had to make a big change.

It was not until I was a few years into my career after graduating from ASU that I decided to start focusing on my health and nutrition, and start taking care of myself.  I slowly started getting into working out, and recognized that I had to do more than just get myself to the gym to feel better. I (painfully!) made a conscious decision to start cutting back on sugar and replace it with protein, fruits and veggies and nutrition dense foods. I became really interested in ingredients, because even the so-called healthy foods are often full of additives, sugar, and artificial ingredients. Clean eating has helped me feel so much better internally, and I am excited to share some of what I have learned with all of you.

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